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Peter Ragsdale

Peter W. Ragsdale

A Message from the Executive Director

I am thrilled to be a new addition to the HACSJ family and look forward to getting to know the residents of our properties around the county as well as community partners and friends of affordable housing. We face some challenging times as affordable housing simply isnít the priority it should be in Washington, DC but rest assured that despite these challenges, HACSJ will strive to be the best we can be and leave no opportunity to advocate for the affordable housing needs of our community. Customer service will be a major focus in 2016 for the agency and I want you to know we value you as residents.

Further, HACSJ will be evaluating our aging housing stock in this coming year and developing a strategy for all our properties for capital improvements and/or potential redevelopment. Also, we will explore homeownership opportunities to help our residents continue on the path of economic mobility. We will be asking for resident and community input as together we will be able to come up with the exciting plans to compete for precious and highly competitive redevelopment dollars. I believe we have a compelling story to tell. Again, I am very, very happy to be here at look forward to continuing the tradition of excellence at the Housing Authority of the County of San Joaquin.
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Peter W. Ragsdale
Executive Director
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