Information Technology

IT Operations

The Department of Information Technology's mission is to deliver technical assistance and overall support for the Housing Authority's initiatives and daily operations.
It also:

  • implements the Executive Director's policies, standards and guidelines
  • performs innovative strategic planning for services related to Information Technology infrastructure
  • maintains and monitors Information Technology Infrastructure, including computer services, operations and maintenance
  • provides systems engineering oversight and performance management
  • provides oversight of systems integrity and quality assurance activities
  • helps to simplify IT investment decision-making by illustrating the implications of business and IT decisions
  • ensures the acquisition of technologies that adequately support business and information needs
  • ensures Housing Authority information systems meet stakeholder quality needs
  • facilitates information sharing among the program offices
  • reduces systems diversity
  • highlights opportunities for building greater flexibility into applications

Tom Gerber
Director of Information Technology

(209) 460-5000

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